Weltkrieg Mod Wiki

Unique Focus Trees[]

  • Republic of England
  • German Empire
  • Greater Syria
  • Russian Federation

Work in Progress[]

  • USA

List of all Countries[]

Name TAG

Ideology of ruling party


Afghanistan AFG monarchism yes
Albania ALB nationalist yes
Algeria ALG monarchism yes
Angola ANG nationalist yes
Argentinia ARG conservative yes
Arizona ARI - no
Armenia ARM nationalist yes
Alaska ASK - no
Assam ASS monarchism yes
Australia AST conservative yes
Austria AUS conservative yes
Azerbaijan AZR fascism yes
Bahamas BAH monarchism yes
Wallonia BEL social democratic yes
Bangladesh BEN socialist yes
Bhutan BHU monarchism yes
White Ruthenia BLR reactionary yes
Bolivia BOL communism yes
Bornu BOR reactionary yes
Bosnia BOS - no
Brazil BRA communism yes
Bulgaria BUL reactionary yes
Myanmar BUR nationalist yes
Central American Federation CAF socialist yes
Cambodia CAM - no
Canada CAN liberal yes
Cape Land CAP conservative yes
Central African Empire CAU monarchism yes
Chechnya CHE fascism yes
China CHI conservative yes
Chile CHL conservative yes
Carribean Island Federation CIF social democratic yes
Colorado CLD - no
Congo COG - no
Colombia COL nationalist yes
Crete CRE social democratic yes
Croatia CRO liberal yes
Cuba CUB nationalist yes
Czechia CZE liberal yes
Darfur DAR nationalist yes
German Bohemia DBM social democratic yes
Denmark DEN liberal yes
Djibuti DJI monarchism yes
Ecuador ECU conservative yes
England ENG conservative yes
Equatorial Guinea EQU - no
Eritrea ERI theocratic yes
Far Eastern Republic ERS reactionary yes
Estonia EST reactionary yes
Fiji FIJ liberal yes
Finland FIN nationalist yes
Flanders FLA - no
Pacific Island States FPI social democratic yes
France FRA socialist yes
East African Republic FSO conservative yes
Suez FSS conservative yes
West African Republic FSW liberal yes
Galicia GAL social democratic yes
Guadeloupe GDL monarchism yes
Georgia GEO reactionary yes
German Empire GER reactionary yes
Ghana GOL monarchism yes
Greece GRE social democratic yes
Greenland GRL reactionary yes
Guinea GUI liberal yes
Hawaii HAW - no
Henan HEN - no
Netherlands HOL liberal yes
Hungary HUN nationalist yes
Iceland ICE conservative yes
Indochina ICH monarchism yes
Idaho Union IDU - no
Sulawesi INS monarchism yes
Ireland IRE socialist yes
Iraq IRQ monarchism yes
Italy ITA nationalist yes
Ivory Coast IVO monarchism yes
Japan JAP conservative yes
Java JAV monarchism yes
Kalimantan KAL monarchism yes
Kazakhstan KAZ communism yes
Kuban & Stavropol KUB conservative yes
Karbadino-Balkaria KDB reactionary yes
Kenya KEN nationalist yes
Korea KOR socialist yes
Krakow | Crakow KRA - no
Crimea KRI conservative yes
Kashmir KSR - no
Kurdistan KUD liberal yes
Courland KUR - no
Laos LAO - no
Latvia LAT nationalist yes
Libya LBA reactionary yes
Lebanon LEB - no
Liberia LIB nationalist yes
Lithuania LIT reactionary yes
Luxemburg LUX - no
Madagascar MAD monarchism yes
Malaysia MAL nationalist yes
Manchuria MAN socialist yes
Mauritania MAU monarchism yes
Madras MDS - no
Mexico MEX conservative yes
Maldives MLE monarchism yes
Mali MLI - no
Malawi MLW monarchism yes
Montenegro MNT reactionary yes
Moldova MOL nationalist yes
Mongolia MON communism yes
Morocco MOR monarchism yes
Mozambique MZB socialist yes
New Caledonia NCD monarchism yes
Nepal NEP conservative yes
Nigeria NIG fascism yes
Cisalpine Federal Republic NIS liberal yes
Norway NOR liberal yes
New Zealand NZL liberal yes
Oman OMA monarchism yes
Turkey OSM conservative yes
Pakistan PAK theocratic yes
Palestine PAL Open Borders for Isreal no
Panama PAN - no
Papua PAP monarchism yes
Paraguay PAR reactionary yes
Persia PER fascism yes
Philippines PHI socialist yes
Palau PLU liberal yes
Poland POL reactionary yes
Portugal POR conservative yes
Peru PRU nationalist yes
Puerto Rico PUE conservative yes
Quebec QUE - no
India RAJ conservative yes
Rio Grande Do Norte RGN conservative yes
Rio Grande Do Sul RGS liberal yes
Zambia RHO monarchism yes
Rio De Janeiro RIO conservative yes
Romania ROM conservative yes
Russian Federation SOV nationalist yes
South Africa SAF socialist yes
Samoa SAO liberal yes
Arabia SAU nationalist yes
Scotland SCO conservative yes
Serbia SER nationalist yes
Shandong SHA - no
Thailand SIA conservative yes
Siberian Federation SIB reactionary yes
Sinkiang SIK communism yes
Slovakia SLO conservative yes
Slovenia SLV social democratic yes
Solomon Kingdom SOL monarchism yes
Greater Somalia SOM fascism yes
Spain SPR social democratic yes
Sri Lanka SRI monarchism yes
Southern Sahara SSA reactionary yes
South Sudan SSU reactionary yes
Styria STK - no
Sudan SUD theocratic yes
Suriname SUR socialist yes
South-West African Republic SWA conservative yes
Sweden SWE social democratic


Switzerland SWI conservative yes
Greater Syria SYR fascism yes
Székely Land SZE nationalist yes
Texas TEX - no
Tibet TIB nationalist yes
Transylvania TRA conservative yes
Turkestan TUK monarchism yes
Tunisia TUN nationalist yes
Buganda UGN - no
Ukraine UKR nationalist yes
Upper Voltian Federation UPV conservative yes
Uruguay URG liberal yes
United States of America USA reactionary yes
Venezuela VEN conservative yes
Vietnam VIN - no
Wadai WAD monarchism yes
Wales WAL liberal yes
Yeman YEM - no
Zimbabwe ZIM reactionary yes